Size Chart

If you have any questions or uncertainties about sizing, please feel free to contact us.

Pearl Size Chart

The image below provides a size chart for pearls, with a U.S. coin included for a better understanding and comparison. This is purely for reference, and the actual size of the pearls should be based on the physical product.


Please note: All measurements are approximate and may vary.



Necklaces typically come in various lengths, which can change the way they fit based on the size and build of the wearer. Here are some common necklace lengths in both centimeters and inches, and where they might sit:

Pendant Chains

Pendant chains usually come in a variety of lengths, similar to necklaces. The length you choose in both centimeters and inches will determine where the pendant sits:

Type Length (cm) Length (inches) Description
Short 35-40 14-16 Near the collarbone, suitable for chokers with pendants.
Medium 43-48 17-19 On the collarbone, suitable for pendants that you want to stand out.
Long 50-60 20-24 Below the collarbone, suitable for larger pendants or those you want to lay over your clothing.


Ring sizes are determined by the diameter of the inside of the ring:

Tip: To find out your ring size, use our ring sizer tool here to help you measure the diameter of a ring that fits you well.


Bracelet sizes are determined by the length. Most bracelets are adjustable, but here are some standard sizes in both centimeters and inches:

Tip: To determine your bracelet size, measure your wrist and add 0.5 to 2.5 cm (1/4 to 1 inch) or more, depending on how loose you want the bracelet to fit.


If you have any questions or uncertainties about sizing, please feel free to contact us.